Application operator

  1. There is a three-volume novel on the bookshelf, lined up in a nice row: Each volume has a thickness of 5cm. How many minutes will it take for a moth with a chewing speed of 1cm/min to eat its way through from the first page of Vol.1 to the last page of Vol.3.?
  2. The application gave the following error message to a user, Mrs Erzsike Kovacs:

    Now the user should run the file Q:ZeusINSTALLhu_hu.reg. If the error remains, she should check whether the c:Program filesInformixConnecthu_hu library is all right (that is, its contents match that of the Q:ZeusINSTALLhu_hu library). That can be done by HelpDesk (leader: Janos Kovacs), That is where the user should turn for help.
    Write a letter to the user on what she should do:
  3. Translate the following text into Hungarian:
    For the mail return procedure (data research procedure) we would like to build in some additional functionalities corresponding to the address functionality. Note the field that will be used when the returned mail arrives at the bank with the annotation that the Customer under the address is unknown.
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