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Immediate payment implementation - The Hungarian story

Capsys was approached by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Digital Banking, London with a request to publish an article based on the planned presentation of Róbert Kiszely, Director of Professional Services, at the 4th Instant Payment Summit conference.

We present hereunder the article published in the November 2020 issue of JDB, co-written by Robert Kiszely and Jozsef Czimer, Manager of Capsys London Office. The article was also published in the September 2020 issue of the Hungarian Banking Associations's journal Economy and Finance.

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Do’s and dont’s of immediate payment implementation

Instant payment as a service has become a norm in the payments market not only in Europe but worldwide. This process has also been marked by a special conference devoted to the instant payments notion. Capsys participated already in the first round of the series of this conference in Brussels in...

Not the first etap makes the winner of the maraton

Balazs Szebelledy

It is often said that sport can teach you a lot about business. What is usually implied is that sport gives you endurance and discipline in everyday life. Through a personal example, I would now show that it can be much more than that: sport is also very useful in...

How are banks opening up? Is this the best period for Hungarian bank clients?

Jozsef Czimer

The article tries to present to the reader the story of the economic development starting with the medieval looms to the digital world resulting to implement open banking and instant payments worldwide. We speak about two and a half centuries in the beginning of which...

Could one tackle Brexit and „Request-to-Pay” in one meeting?

Jozsef Czimer

The Board of the European Payments Council had, among others, two challenging topics on its agenda on the March 7 meeting: how to meet March 29, the Brexit date and how to start to regulate „request to pay” phenomenon in the instant payment world?

Our article...

Open banking and fraud detection – compliance with something that does not exist yet

Balazs Szebelledy

You have a hard task if you want to collect all the information regarding open banking fraud detection. Well, in such situations mathematicians say that there are more variables than available equations.

In fact, the lack of knowledge is not surprising. Even an...

Wannabe PSD2 Compliant? Change the internal modus operandi!

Balazs Szebelledy

Banks are already used to difficulties. They have to comply with domestic and international laws, policy makers adjusts their operating environment according to their daily interests, and they have to fulfill regularly changing reporting obligations. Among all this...

Know Your…Core Banking Logic

Balazs Szebelledy

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